4 Illegal Aliens Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs, Cash, and Weapons In A Joint Operation By Several Agencies.

If a country with a generous welfare system allows uncontrolled immigration, people from everywhere will come looking for handouts. That is why a country can either be open to immigration or have a welfare state. It is not possible to do both.

Four illegal immigrants have been arrested in Gwinnett County, GA this week for their connection to a Mexican drug cartel in a joint operation of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Lawrenceville Police Department, East Point Police, and the Georgia State Patrol. These illegal aliens were found with 5 million dollars worth of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin laced with fentanyl as well as $850,000 in cash and weapons located in a storehouse in the metro Atlanta area.

Via NBC 11: “The investigation into a Mexican cartel began in 2017 and Murphy said it was the collaboration between several departments that made the arrest and then search warrant possible.

Agents were working surveillance on what they described as a tire shop on Metropolitan Pkwy in Atlanta when they saw two vehicles leave. One was a U-Haul and the other was a Nissan.

They followed the U-Haul to East Point where officers pulled it over. Murphy said that’s where they found the meth.

They followed the Nissan to Lawrenceville where officers pulled it over. After arresting the suspects in the car, they secured a search warrant for a home. Inside they said they found heroin and money inside a false wall.

At 11Alive at 5 PM, Elwyn Lopez has the details about how the bust went down and Murphy’s message to other drug dealers.

Four Mexican men were arrested. Murphy said one of them was previously deported as an aggravated felon. Two more allegedly have ICE holds on them.

Murphy said it was “very large cartel” and “We know who they are, we just don’t want to (say) who they are. But we’re getting ready to take them down.”

“That’s $5 million in drugs on the table and nearly $1 million in cash (from Thursday’s raid),” Murphy added. “There’s going to be some explaining to do.”

Well, well… One had been deported, two have ICE detainers, I wonder which state let them go instead of turning them over to ICE? I also wonder how many Americans would have died from these drugs if these thugs had not been caught and what state will free them without any bail to roam freely again? But sure, liberals want to outlaw ICE and do away with ICE.

Hopefully, voters will figure this out. Wouldn’t it be simpler, safer, and cost a lot less just to not let them in? Build a wall?

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