Trump Can’t Even Color With Sick Children Without Liberals Yelling About Russia

President Donald Trump has toured the neonatal intensive care unit of an Ohio children’s hospital that treats babies affected by the opioid epidemic.

Trump was accompanied on Friday’s tour of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus by his wife, Melania, and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

This was a heartbreaking moment when the President decided to spend some time with the children!

It was a heartbreaking moment for every normal American but not for the liberals!

They decided to spend time in attacking our President!
As Woke Sloth reported:

Twitter user @2020fight ‘noticed’ the president couldn’t seem to figure out the notoriously difficult “red, then white, repeat ’til end” color scheme of the stripes, and chose instead to color one of them blue.

Just insane.

That’s not what the Russian flag looks like either. But, whatever.

These people are completely delusional.

This is a big part of why Trump is so popular. Liberals do nothing but help him when they do things like this.
This is FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump knows our flag. He loves our flag and respects the hell out of it. There’s no one that loves the American flag more than Donald Trump.

I think that this could be photoshopped pictures but anyway, the liberals spread this nonsense over the social network without a problem and if some conservative journalist report something bad for the liberals get censored immediately!

Alex Hall

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