Alyssa Milano: Press ‘Coddled’ Trump, Didn’t Do Enough To Stop Him (Video)

Alyssa, Alyssa! You need to join “The View” so that you can help Whoopi, Joy, and Meghan spread your hatred for our great President. It’s sad to see a has-been actress making such a mess of her career. You’ve been “Trumped” by the best.

She proved that she is just another Trump basher that comes from Hollywood last night!

While being interview by former intelligence officer Buck Sexton, actress Alyssa Milano blasted the media because she believes they “coddled” then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. She then said the media continues to normalize his behavior.

“And I think that because we have not called out the absurdity for the last, I don’t know, two and a half years, since our president started campaigning to be president because the media didn’t call out how absolutely absurd this was,” Milano said.

“You don’t think the media’s hostile enough to Trump?” Sexton asked.

“I’m talking about two and a half years ago when he started to run in his campaign, the fact that the media actually normalized some of what he did, and continues to normalize it instead of going, ‘Can you believe how crazy this is?’” Milano replied.

Video below:

In a sense, she is right (for once). Although saying they ‘coddled’ him is taking it a bit far.

The press WANTED Donald Trump to get the nomination as they felt he would be an easy win for Hillary Clinton if she ran against him.

They gave him all of the free airtime he wanted, they begged him to come on their shows.

Then when he actually had the nerve to win, they were all (and still are) kicking themselves for assisting him to win the Presidency by allowing citizens to hear his plans for this country.

Remember how much money he spent on the campaign vs what Mrs. Clinton spent. He took that free airtime and used it wisely.

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