MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur Said that President Trump Has ‘a Vocabulary of About Ten Words’ Live on TV (VIDEO)

This is exactly why the American people despise the so-called MSMedia, and why President Trump has rightfully stated they are fake news, the enemy of the people.

MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur said that President Trump had “a vocabulary of about ten words,” live on Thursday MSNBC’s “Deadline.”

Watch the video below!

“As a member of the cabinet, he’s the Trumpyest. In terms of pushing the agenda and getting things done, if, in fact, this is about policy and ideology,” on Jeff Sessions, Charlie Sykes said. “I think it’s extraordinary these reports that Donald Trump is mocking him for his academic pedigree and for his accent. Now, imagine for a moment that Barack Obama was mocking somebody because they didn’t go to Harvard or Yale, mocking somebody because they had a southern accent. This whole campaign about you know the elites versus the populist, isn’t it revealing that this is where Donald Trump goes?”

“Also the hypocrisy, he’s got a vocabulary of about ten words. I mean, I know I’m slightly exaggerating here, but an analysis done on the way he speaks puts him at, I think a fourth-grade level. At one point during the campaign, it was a second-grade level,” Tur said

Sykes added, “But he’s a stable genius.”

“Very stable genius,” Tur said.

You can watch the video below, from 25 to 29 min.

For a man of few words, Trumped wiped the slate of Republican candidates, beat the Hillary and democratic dynasty machines along with the corrupt FBI, DOJ, Intel organization and MSM to become President. Did anyone mention he was a self-made billionaire? I’d say Katy is a little on the dumb side of the intellectual curve.

Donald Trump, unlike the Left, knows how to communicate. Plus, Donald Trump actually has ideas that are worth communicating. None of the 96 different sexes garbage being pushed by MSM.

Yet he was able to put you in your place when you tried to interview him, Tur! I don’t think it even took 10 words for that, did it? Very Concise.

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