Another Democrat Bites The Dust! Democrat Arrested for Stealing from Victims of Hurricane Sandy

57-year-old Democratic Assemblywoman Pamela Harris was indicted for stealing over twenty-five-thousand dollars of government money, including Hurricane relief funds.

Harris was charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, making false statements, bankruptcy fraud, witness tampering and conspiracy to obstruct justice. She allegedly used the money for vacations, cruise tickets and even her lingerie bill at Victoria’s Secret.

Authorities arrested Harris Tuesday morning and charged her before a federal judge later in the day.
Not only was Harris accused of stealing from the government, she reportedly stole nearly $25,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), that was responsible for helping New York and New Jersey rebuild after Hurricane Sandy hit the states hard in 2012.

The 57-year-old remained in her home after the storm but allegedly filed fake paperwork to prove she was paying rent for a residence in Staten Island. FEMA then compensated her with money that was set aside for “temporary housing assistance,” officials said.

William Sweeney, the FBI’s assistant director-in-charge. said: “Both before and during her tenure as a public servant, as alleged, Assemblywoman Pamela Harris went to great lengths to defraud local and federal agencies out of thousands of dollars.”

He added: “In fact, at a time when many residents in her district were dealing with the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Harris was busy brewing a storm of her own, one that resulted in her receiving significant payouts by the very federal agency charged with helping those truly in need.”

The indictment claims that when Harris learned that law enforcement was investigating her in 2017, she pushed witnesses to lie for her to FBI agents conducting the investigation.

“She conducted her schemes victimizing the federal and New York City governments, and then obstructed a federal investigation into her crimes while a sitting New York State Assemblywoman,” U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said.

Harris faces more than 50 years in prison if she is found guilty of the charges.

A ‘nobble’ democrat this is… they just pretending to serve the “community” when in fact they are stealing money from people in need…

When a headline appears about a politician doing something bad and it doesn’t identify their party you can be sure it’s a Democrat!
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