Anti-Gun Liberal Converts to NRA Life Member After A Personal Experience That Nearly Cost His Life (VIDEO)

During an interview with “Cam And Company” host Cam Edwards, Ryan Moore, a self-proclaimed liberal who was against the Second Amendment explained that he took the time and initiative to learn facts and make the decision that was right after a personal experience led him to become a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Via IJR: “The “life-long Democrat” previously wanted the Second Amendment repealed and once tweeted that “the NRA must be stopped.” Even after he was mugged at gunpoint by two men in San Francisco, it wasn’t until two years later that he changed his thoughts on firearms.

As someone who lived primarily in apartment buildings with some added security features, when he started to build a house in Washington, he wondered how he would defend himself if someone broke in.
“That mugging along with being a homeowner really brought me around and got me to decide to purchase a gun,” he explained.

Moore waited until he moved to Washington to purchase a gun and when he walked into a store for the first time he classified the people who worked there as “really nice.” He let the those with knowledge on the subject “educate” him and frequently took his gun to a range to practice.

After doing research on his own, and talking to his NRA-member nephew, he joined the NRA as a one-year-member in 2016.

He contrasted comments on social media that the NRA was “inciting violence” with his new beliefs and called it a “weird” experience given his previous views of the NRA.

Moore admitted that in the beginning, he was a little “turned off” at how political the NRA was. But the left’s “anti-Second Amendment,” “anti-Constitution” agenda, which sought to take away the rights of “really good Americans” pushed him to turn away from the Democratic Party.

He said he voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and joked that everyone watching would turn the video off at that admission. However, only a few months later he “denounced” the Democratic Party because of its extreme anti-gun views.

“It took me a few more months to say, ‘I’m a Conservative. I’m a Republican. I support the president,’” he explained. “People need to respect each others’ views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.”

This is ONE of the things that is totally infuriating about the left. They CANNOT SEE ANYONE’S side or have empathy with ANYONE UNTIL something happens to THEM. A dose of reality can Be the best antidote for blinded liberals and their clueless cohorts.

Still, we are glad he finally learned and turned away from the “Dark Side”!!!

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Natalie D.

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