Barbra Streisand Says Trump Passed Tax Reform For ‘Personal Gain. Then Piece Of Her Own History Surfaced And Totally Destroyed Her

Almost every celebrity around today is a whiny liberal and interested in politics except for some decent exception, but we all remember the old musicians when we could listen to their songs without having to listen them talking about politics!
Well, we can forget about those days because the Celebrities of today will not stop!

On Thursday, Barbra Streisand took to Twitter to sound off about the evils of other Americans keeping their money. She tweeted out a piece from Charles Blow of The New York Times calling the tax reform bill “The Great American Tax Heist,” and included her own commentary:

This comes from the woman because we have the Streisand effect which is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein once people are aware something is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread the information is increased.
Luckily Ben Shapiro reminded Streisand about her own history of milking the judicial system for personal gain:

The incident occurred in 2003 when Barbra Streisand has filed a lawsuit against an amateur photographer, claiming he is violating her privacy by displaying a picture of her bluff-top Malibu estate on a Web site designed to document erosion and excessive development along California’s 1,150-mile coastline.

As MentalFloss summarizes, this created the so-called Streisand Effect, in which millions of people accessed the photos after finding out about Streisand’s nutty lawsuit. By the way, Streisand lost her lawsuit and had to pay Adelman’s legal fees.

This is a clear example of a liberal hypocrisy!

Alex Hall

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