JOY BEHAR Goes Crazy Over Scotus WANTS MITCH MCCONNELL JAILED – Alan Dershowitz Shuts Her Down With a Brilliant Response! (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal talk show The View is losing rating with every new show so maybe it’s time for them to stop the act and quit! They know most Americans hate them and will never watch them again!

Joy Behar asked Alan Dershowitz on Tuesday why Mitch McConnell, was not in jail after he blocked the consideration of former President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in 2016.

Watch the video below!

According to The Daily Caller:

“He wouldn’t have been my choice,” Dershowitz said of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee. “I’m a liberal Democrat. They stole the first member of the Supreme Court. Absolute theft. Unconstitutional. I’m a little critical of President Obama, for whom I voted. He should have nominated Merrick Garland and should have sworn him in.”

Dershowitz continued, “The Constitution says advise and consent. It doesn’t say delay and postpone.”

“Well then how come Mitch McConnell is not in jail?” Joy Behar interrupted. “That’s what I want to know.”

“You want to put everybody in jail,” Dershowitz responded.

“I want to put him in jail,” Behar said.

Dershowitz had a simple answer, “I’m against putting people in jail unless they’ve actually committed crimes. I know that’s a radical position.”

Dershowitz went on to call Kavanaugh the best pick on Trump’s list while Behar complained that Democrats never play “hard ball.” “Why should we always be the snowflakes?” she lamented.

Why are Democrats always snowflakes?

That’s easy, low intelligence, inability to accept responsibility and the need to blame others make them perfect for it.

These people (Behar and the like) can’t stand it that they can’t have their way. Elections are okay, (If they win.) A Supreme Court Justice is good, (if they picked them.) A President is good, (if they voted for them.)

There is something seriously wrong with these people! We need to get them off the air, out of politics, out of government, out of journalism, etc.

They’re ignorant and bigoted. These people are the real danger to America.

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