Black Lives Matter Is Threatening to Boycott White Christmas to Make It ‘Black Xmas’

It is nice to have a family in the white house that is not ashamed of American traditions.

Well, it’s nice for the real Americans and patriots that love our country!

But for a terrorist group like BLM, this Christmas is a total nightmare!

Black Lives Matter is now calling on its members to boycott “white capitalism” by refusing to spend money at “white corporations” until January 1, 2018. Its goal is to “make this Christmas a Black X-Mas.”

From IJR:

The group says on its website that you should “#CurbYourConsumerism for the holidays.” It wants its members to donate to black organizations instead of buying during the holiday season.

The group has even referred its members to a website named and an app called “Black Wall Street” so that its members can find black-owned businesses and receive “#BlackXmas updates.”

California State University professor Melina Abdullah, who is also a Black Lives Matter leader, spoke on the issue:

“We say ‘white capitalism’ because it’s important that we understand that the economic system and the racial structures are connected. We have to not only disrupt the systems of policing that literally kill our people, but we have to disrupt the white supremacist, capitalistic, patriarchal, heteronormative system that is really the root cause of these police killings.”

Abdullah wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Sentinel in 2016, “Rather than lining the pockets of Trump and other White-supremacist capitalists, donate to Black-led organizations that are building new, liberatory structures in our communities.”

Anthony Ratcliff, another professor at California State University and Black Lives Matter leader, said:

“Black Lives Matter and other organizations build a strong critique and understanding of racism and white supremacy and sexism and homophobia, transphobia, but we have to have as much hatred or vitriol against capitalism. Until we start to see capitalism [is] just as nefarious as white supremacy, we will always be struggling.”

To no one’s surprise, the website for the boycott pins the blame on Donald Trump and claims he “embodies White capitalism” and that “if you are anti-Trump, you should hold back your resources from him and the like.”

Claiming that capitalism is racist and perpetuates a system of white nationalism and then encouraging people to only spend money at black businesses makes no sense.

There’s no such thing as “white capitalism” or a “BlackXmas,” there’s only capitalism, which gives everyone the same opportunity to thrive, lead a successful business and help provide jobs.

And there’s only one Christmas, which offers everyone the same opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and time with their loved ones.

I have one message for them!

Attention! Attention! Attention! President Trump just said MERRY CHRISTMAS again! Will all Snowflakes Please return to your safe place! We will have colors, coloring books and marbles for you to relieve your stress. Sorry, we have a correction! We will not have any marbles as you all lost them the night of the 2016 Presidential election. To make up for this oversight we will be scheduling a scream at the sky event in the near future. Hope to hear you there!

This is the most wonderful time of the year. On every day of Christmas, it’s going to be great because we will finally have a president that is going to make America great again.

Alex Hall

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