BREAKING: Judge Effectively Sentences Baby Alfie To Death As Family Loses Legal Battle To Fly Him To Italy For Treatment

The judge in the Alfie Evans case has officially prohibited his parents from flying the 23-month old boy to Rome Italy to take him to a pediatric hospital that has offered to provide appropriate medical care and treatment for him. Alfie’s parents had hoped to take the little boy to the hospital in order to potentially get treatment that could help his rare degenerative neurological condition.

Attorney Paul Diamond, who is representing the family of Alfie Evans, this afternoon argued that it is not in Alfie’s best interests to be left at Alder Hey Hospital and that he should instead be flown overseas – with an air ambulance already waiting and Italy also offering him a private jet.

When announcing the decision, the judge claimed that it was the ‘final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy’.

Alfie’s father, Tom, revealed that his son had been taken off life support yesterday but had miraculously been able to breathe for himself and survived the night.

23-month-old Alfie was taken off his life support at 9.17pm yesterday (April 23), but has been breathing unassisted since.

There is still hope Alfie’s parents could at least take their son home.

Alfie’s parents have been fighting in court for months to have the legal right to decide the fate of their little boy. Judge Hayden is again considering the case now that Alfie has survived approximately 20 hours since officials at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital disconnected his life support and removed his oxygen. Because Alfie’s life support has been disconnected there is essentially no reason for him to stay at the hospital, which is not providing any additional care treatment or experimental treatments for his condition. That may be persuading the judge in the hearing right now to allow his parents to take him home.

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