BREAKING! WikiLeaks Releases Proof Of Which Major News Outlet Colluded with Hillary

Hillary had MSM, Hollywood, academia, RINOS, and Lucifer’s blessing and still lost to Trump. Sad.

On Sunday, Wikileaks revealed that a major news outlet colluded with Hillary Clinton when she was the Secretary of State. In a late-night post on Twitter, WikiLeaks revealed the NY Times was running stories by the State Department under Hillary Clinton days before they were published to give them an opportunity to come up with answers or deflections for any damaging stories.

Via The Daily Wire: “The heads-up email was intended to give State (and Clinton) time to come up with some spin for stories that may have caused problems. Or, in another possible scenario, the heads up could give the State Department time to create a diversion for the same day, thus overriding a damaging story with other news its friends in the mainstream media would happily cover instead.

The players in the WikiLeaks email are interesting. Scott Shane is the national security reporter for the Times. And the recipient of his email, Philip Crowley, was at the time the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs under Clinton’s State Department.

As 2017 comes to an end, it’s clear the Clinton scandals won’t go away anytime soon.

On Friday, the Justice Department released thousands of Clinton emails. “Several emails with classified information from former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin were among a tranche of documents released Friday that were found on Anthony Weiner’s personal computer during an FBI probe.”

Didn’t need to be an investigator to figure that out… Not only the NYT, but MSNBC, NBC etc.. all of them. They are still colluding with their lined pockets.

Everyone needs to realize There is going to be a ton of evidence that’s getting ready to be exposed. Arrests have been going on for several days now. It’s happening people. This is what we have been waiting on. If you get a chance go tell Trump you thank him for risking his life to end this corruption that damn near destroyed our country.

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Natalie D.

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