British PM Gives An Epic Response After A Reporter Asked Her If Trump Is A Child Or A Stable Genius (VIDEO)

Trump is a genius. Such people scare those of average or less intelligence. Also, such people if driven get things done. Right now he is getting it done, and this is what drives liberals crazy.

In an interview with BBC, British PM Theresa May said that she is not concerned about President Trump’s mental health. Even though it was BBC’s intention to in some way trap May to possibly bash Trump, she still insisted that in Trump she sees a man making decisions in the “best interests of the United States”.

“What I make of him is somebody who is taking decisions on what he believes is in the best interests of the United States,” May said. “The United Kingdom government and I will take decisions here on what we believe is in the best interests of the UK.”

BBC reporter Andrew Marr then restated the question to May: “In the States, there are quite serious questions being raised by some people about his mental state. Do you think they’re serious?”

Prime Minister May replied: “No. As I say when I deal with President Trump, what I see is somebody who is committed to ensuring that he is making decisions in the best interests of the United States.”

BBC reporter Andrew Marr also asked if the Prime Minister believed President Trump was a “child or stable genius” – a reference to the President’s tweet on Saturday.

May, a liberal member of the U.K.’s conservative party, has criticized Trump in the past but said she’s looking forward to working with him to further U.S.-British relations when he visits the United Kingdom soon. “He will be coming to this country,” May said.

Rewind at 21:40

Only the liberals, MSM, and RINOs stand against President Trump. They first tried with sexual with mental illness… I wonder what is next?

Liberalism is a mental sickness. Same flaw in the brain. Their ultimate power resides in destroying those who have better achievements. Because they never have even one in their entire life. They are jealous, envious and nasty.

But one thing is sure! Trump is a very smart man and just what this country needed.

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