Broadway Actress Suggests That President Trump Should Be Assassinated…The Secret Service Decided to React Before It’s Too Late!

It is so hard to hear how simply anyone wishes death on a President.

On Sanday evening, legendary Broadway star Carole Cook made a disgusting joke that it would be a good idea for someone to “John Wilkes Booth” President Donald Trump.

Asked what she thought about Frozen the Broadway Musical actor Timothy Hughes stealing a ‘Trump 2020’ flag from an audience member the previous week, Cook said: “I didn’t see that.”
Asked if a Broadway musical was the proper venue to wave a pro-Trump flag, Carole Cook replied: “My answer to that is, where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

“Now you’re going to ask me who the hell John Wilkes Booth is,” the Broadway actress added. “He killed presidents,” Troupe said of President Abraham Lincoln’s killer.

It’s sad that Carole Cook is so far gone that she doesn’t see that she’s revealed her twisted, hate-filled heart.

However, Cook’s appalling remark sparked concerns among Secret Service agents, who would like to interview Cook as a precautionary measure, according to TMZ.

“Our sources say the Secret Service saw our post and are concerned enough that they want a chit chat with the 94-year-old actress. They were quick to add it’s not an official investigation — just due diligence. If the interview unearths anything ominous, only then would it become an official investigation,” reported TMZ.

So tired of the Democrats and their hateful remarks about our great President. I think we have been ignoring and allowing this kind of nonsenses long enough. The time is long past due to attach a bit of “pain” to these disgusting and dangerous rants. Dangerous in that they suggest or allude violence be used against a sitting President. TREASON in any other age.

Fines aren’t good enough. Certainly slapping a hand is not good enough. A few months in a jail cell would do the trick though.

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Natalie D.

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