BUSTED! Jim Acosta Gets Roasted After Spreading Fake News About McCabe!

CNN‘s Jim Acosta is crossing the lines…again. Acosta has spreading fake news about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepping down from his role effective today on his Twitter account.

Acosta tweeted that a “Source familiar with McCabe matter describes his departure as a “mutual” decision. He was tired of being “undermined” but Trump and WH was “not happy” with him.”

Later Acosta beclowned himself, tweeting: “More… Source telling us FBI Director Wray told McCabe he was bringing on a new team and that he was not part of it. Writing was on the all. All points to McCabe essentially being pushed out.”

But, we all know that Acosta has a mental block against deleting incorrect tweets. It’s really weird and highly unprofessional. Instead, to issue a correction, Acosta quoted tweeted himself, attempting to make it seem as though his primary tweet was half of the story.

But, he was BUSTED!

Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold tweeted: “More” is an odd way to spell “correction.”

The Federalist‘s Sean Davis tweeted: “Over the span of mere minutes, CNN’s @Acosta went from saying McCabe voluntarily quit to implying Trump obstructed justice by firing him. What in the world is going on at that network?”

In my opinion, Acosta’s “source” means “I made this up.” I would call Acosta an embarrassment to journalism, but he’s not a journalist. He’s a propagandist.

I guess the only time Acosta isn’t wrong is when he isn’t talking or writing.

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Natalie D.

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