Can This Be? Church Calls Jesus Gender Neutral

Luke 1:31 clearly says Mary will give birth to a son, not a daughter, not an ‘it.’ But, one church in Sweden tried to change the word of God to make themselves feel more comfortable. I can only say this… if any church or preacher teaches anything contrary to the word of God, you should get up and run out of that church as Fast as your legs can carry you.

Few days before Christmas, a church in Västerås reportedly bought an advertisement in a Swedish newspaper inviting those in the area to celebrate the birth of Jesus with worship, Christmas music, and a Christmas crib. But it did it using a gender-neutral pronoun.

Via Conservative Daily: “The word used was “hen,” which is the gender-neutral alternative to “hon” (she) and “han” (he).

Swedish news-magazine Expressen originally reported the story in Swedish, according to Dangerous blog.

Susann Senter, who’s the female dean of the church, explained:

“There are many who have heard from us via Facebook, but I have also received positive reactions. We did not want to sex the little child right away […]

Theologically, we are talking about Jesus as true God and man. A human is not just ‘he.'”

She also went on to say that how people are treated based on their gender has been a frequently discussed topic at the church. She added that although Jesus Christ was a man, her interpretation of the Bible makes him “beyond man or woman.”

Senter continued: “If I’m a little provocative, most 19th and [20th century depictions] of Jesus are quite feminine. He is gentle, has curly hair and is not very masculine in physique.”

So I guess the whole “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” thing is a mistake?

They are way off base. Jesus was a carpenter for about 30 years, no power tools, only hand tools. You cannot be effeminate and do that kind of work. He overturned the tables and kicked the money changers out of the temple, cannot be a sissy and do that. He walked everywhere in Palestine, preaching. Although Jesus was a gentle man, he was no pushover!

You can change whatever you want to change but that still doesn’t make it right. God is the SAME yesterday, today and tomorrow. He Never changes His way of thinking so neither am I. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. There is no such thing as a neutral.

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Natalie D.

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