Charles Krauthammer Sends An Update About His Health (Video)

It’s been a few months since we have heard for Charles Krauthammer

We have been wondering what happened to him?
Well, one of America’s most favorite commentators had a surgery and the post-surgery recovery procedure got a little complicated!

Krauthammer had a surgery, and he is still going through a recovery procedure. This may not be the brightest news to hear, but Krauthammer’s fans will at least stop worrying about their favorite conservative commentator.

He sent a message Monday updating his fans about his health – and it’s very good news.

Here’s what he said

Bret Baier read the short statement Monday from Krauthammer on Fox News.

“An update that many of you have been waiting for,” Baier said, “and I mean many of you. Panel regular now months ago Charles Krauthammer sent me a very nice email this afternoon and he said I could share some of the very good news about his recovery from multiple surgeries.”

“The worst now appears to be behind me,” the statement from Krauthammer read, “and I’m finally getting back on track with the rebab schedule that will eventually get me home.”

While the surgery was successful, he suffered setbacks during his recovery, and that has kept him from resuming his position at the conservative news channel.

“The whole staff here at Special Report is behind you Charles, we’re hoping and praying for no more setbacks, and a speedy recovery,” said Baier.

Charles said the honor is especially meaningful to him on this day, the day the U.S. embassy officially moves to Jerusalem,” Baier added. Krauthammer’s son will receive the award in his place.

Here’s the video from Fox News:

One of the few newsmen that still believes in fair and unbiased reporting. He has such integrity and insight. Hurry back!

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