Chelsea Clinton Lectures Trump on Haiti… James Woods Steps In And Destroys Her With A Perfect Answer

Chelsea Clinton thought that the best time to lecture President Trump over Haiti is after he asked a group of pro-amnesty senators why the US should welcome migrants from “sh*tholes” like Haiti, Central America or African nations.

On Twitter, Chelsea Clinton wrote: “Mr. President, immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and the 54 countries in Africa likely helped build your buildings. They’ve certainly helped build our country.”

But if anyone has just one clue about Chelsea and her 3 million dollar wedding will immediately know that Chelsea is a spoiled brat who used stolen money from Haiti relief to pay for her extravagant wedding.

James Woods stepped in and destroyed her with a perfect answer. He responded: “Tell your dad, the bagman, to give the dough back to Haiti that you all pocketed. Then maybe we can discuss this other malarkey you’re trying to peddle.”

James Woods is spot on, and as usual, Chelsea is wrong about what she said. Haitians HATE the Clintons because of the money they stole from their country. The worst part is, the money was actually meant for the people of Haiti and the Clintons stole it. Haitians can definitely build their own buildings from the missing money they pocketed.

I don’t know how those criminals remain free.

As I recall, the Clintons stole Billions from the Haitians from relief funds sent after the 2010 earthquake. Plus Hillary’s brother ended up owning the gold mine for 26 years.

Yes, lecture on, Chelsea.

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Natalie D.

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