Chicago Democrat: We Need President Trump’s Help To End This Violence! (Video)

As long as the people of Chicago and the State of Illinois continue to return career politicians to the office the slaughter will continue.

It pains me to say this, but it is the government of, by and for the people. Hence, the citizens of Chicago and Illinois ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS!

Chicago Police Department confirms 34 people were shot over a 24-hour period beginning on Saturday. At least five of those victims have died, and the others were hospitalized with injuries.
And 63 people were shot in Chicago over the whole weekend
Via USA Today:

Chief of Patrol Fred Waller, addressing the violence in a news conference Sunday, said the shootings reflect “the devastating effects that illegal guns have in our communities.”

Waller said the city has taken more than 5,500 guns off the streets this year. He said shootings are down from this time last year.

But as the things stand even some of the Democrats know that they need Trump’s policies to help them from the mess they created!

Democrat Illinois State Representative, La Shawn Ford, turned to President Donald Trump for help after dozens died during a violent weekend in Chicago.

Ford told Fox News interviewers during a rally against gun violence last week that he wanted the president to know that “not everyone believes Chicago is a Trump-free zone.”

As a Democrat, I come [to Fox] today calling on the president. He said he wanted to help people in Chicago and I accept that help. That is number one. We have to receive the help from the president of the United States.

We are in a state of emergency in Chicago. Over 1,700 people have been shot since the beginning of the year and this weekend, you guys have noted the 63. Of those 63, three of the people that were shot steps from my church on the west side, one shot in the head and two others were critically wounded. Right steps from my church.

It’s clear that the Chicago Police Department is not trusted with the mass genocide that’s happening on the streets of Chicago. You can’t get the cooperation with the citizens and the community to help solve the crimes. In Chicago right now, police have more unsolved crimes than they do solve crimes.

You have to be fair, you have to be honest, and you have to make sure you are respecting the people you patrol.

“I know that in America, we go out in the international community and we help some of the communities that are the most violent,” said Ford. “I know that we can stop the violence in Chicago if we can stop the crime and make peace in the countries where I know that it is much more violent.”
As for Mayor Emanuel, Ford said, “He must take away the thought that Chicago is a Trump-free zone because taxpayers deserve to have the president come in bring resources to the community.”

Video below:

Guns are not the problem it is the people.

It appears Chicago is overrun with thugs and individuals who have no respect that. I do not know how honest, law-abiding individuals can continue to live there safely.

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