Christmas Surprise! Video of Returning Navy Cadet Surprising Her Mom Goes Viral (VIDEO)

It is Christmas! Only good things happen on Christmas!

One mother received a big Christmas surprise when her daughter came home after being away while serving in the Navy. The viral video shows a mom unwrapping a body-length mirror, with little reaction to it at first. At first, she looks at it with little reaction. Her smile soon turns into a scream of excitement as she notices her daughter, who returned from the Navy, standing behind her in the reflection.

“Surprised my mom for Christmas,” her daughter wrote on Twitter. “She looked in the mirror and saw her present.”

This video made our day. That’s super adorable. The reaction on mother’s face is just priceless. Nothing like the love of a parent for their child.

People on Twitter responded with crying and heart emojis.

“Thank You for your service! This is awesome, hope you have a great Christmas!” one user tweeted.

Other wrote: “That’s all a parent could wish for. Thank you for your service. Enjoy your holiday!”

Awesome Christmas gift. The smiles and tears of joy painted on their faces are just priceless. And the symbolism of such a simple act of coming home tugs at my heart. But also, this is a gift for us all! They give so much to us. They go out and spend their time away from their loved ones, their family members so that we can sleep safely at night.

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Natalie D.

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