This City Wants Nothing To Do California’s ‘sanctuary state’ Laws. Will This Start A New Resistance?

Instead of taking care of its own citizens, California elected people are making things easier for illegals! Their actions are unconstitutional and against their Oath of Office!

California has been leading the way in violating federal law to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. It’ sanctuary city laws are responsible for at least 5,000 crimes that were committed by criminal illegal aliens released by local authorities rather than being handed over to federal immigration officials.

One city is at the center of a rebellion against California’s “sanctuary” policies, which aim to protect immigrants here illegally as President Trump vows to ramp up deportations.

Los Alamitos leaders on Monday approved an ordinance that exempts their Orange County municipality from Senate Bill 54, a law that took effect Jan. 1 and restricts local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration authorities. It marks a rare effort by a city to challenge the sanctuary movement, which has wide support among elected officials in left-leaning California.

The Californian state Senate approved bill SB54 last summer on a 27-12 vote, allowing law enforcement to ignore federal immigration officials, in a move that actively defies President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.

From LA Times:

About 160 people showed up to Monday’s regular City Council meeting, a monthly event that rarely draws enough people to fill the 40-seat chamber. Speakers lined up late into the evening to address elected officials, who eventually voted 4 to 1 to approve the ordinance.

“Sometimes things are bigger than we are,” said Mayor Troy D. Edgar.

Cheers erupted inside the chamber after the vote, with some shouting “Patriots!” and “This is a win for America!” as others waved pro-Trump flags.

Councilman Mark A. Chirco was the sole dissenter, suggesting the initiative could expose the city to litigation.

“We disagree with Sacramento on a lot of things. Are we not going to follow state law every time we disagree with them?” he said. “I don’t think that would be prudent.”

It’s unclear how the ordinance will be implemented, and Mayor Pro Tem Warren Kusumoto, who proposed the initiative, said it may end up being largely symbolic.

“Is it going to hold up? I don’t know,” he said.

Among those who attended the meeting was Moti Cohen, a Garden Grove resident whose wife grew up in Los Alamitos, and who supports the anti-sanctuary measure.

Cohen, an immigrant from Israel, said he came to the U.S. legally and that everyone else should, too. He arrived 27 years ago with a tourist visa and became a legal resident after marrying his U.S. citizen wife.

“The law is the law and has to be enforced all over the country,” he said. “The country is a law-and-order country and you have to come here legally.”

Tara Farajian, a 43-year-old resident of neighboring Rossmoor, called the proposed measure heartbreaking.

She moved from San Francisco to Los Alamitos in 2001 before relocating to Rossmoor two years later and was bracing herself for a more conservative community.

She’s seen a bumper sticker saying “Show me your birth certificate” on a neighbor’s car and says some in her town are “extremely right-wing.” Still, she said the community is overall inviting and found the council’s move shocking.

“It’s almost like they want to create a police city,” she said.

Instead of taking care of its own citizens they are making thing easier for illegals!

California its time to wake up.

The California Governor and the Mayors of various California Cities, who are protecting illegal aliens and facilitating the release of these criminals, should be arrested and prosecuted for aiding and abetting these criminals!

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