George Clooney Advertises His New Movie With a Disgusting Attack On Every Trump Supporter

Hollywood box office receipts are dramatically down and will continue to be so if they produce these disgusting movies such as Clooney’s new movie Suburbicon. But, one thing is sure- Stupid celebrities like Clooney will help Trump get a 2nd term!

Hollywood actor George Clooney who held large fundraising events for Hillary Clinton tried to advertise his new movie Suburbicon by blatantly insulting all Trump supporters. Suburbicon is a movie about racial tensions in 1950s suburbia, more specifically about a white suburban neighborhood that violently protested a black family moving in.

“The genesis of the screenplay [came when] I was watching a lot of [Trump] speeches on the campaign trail about building fences and scapegoating minorities,” started Clooney.

Clooney said: “It’s a pretty angry film. There’s a lot of anger out there. I think that’s reflected in the film. The main idea of the film was to pick some fights and I always like picking fights.”

“I started looking around at other times in our history when we’ve unfortunately fallen back into these things, and I found this story that happened in Levittown, Pennsylvania,” he said.

“When you talk about ‘Making America Great Again,’ America being great everyone assumed was the Eisenhower ‘50s, and it was great if you were a white, straight male, but other than that it probably wasn’t so great. It’s fun to lift up that curtain and look underneath that thin veneer and see some of the real problems that this country has yet to completely come to terms with,” said Clooney.

When Trump talks about making America great again he is not talking about taking us back to the past. What is so hard to understand that he is talking about being prosperous again.

He added that America is going thru the darkest period in this moment. He said: “It’s probably the angriest I’ve seen the country, and I lived through the Watergate period. There’s a dark cloud hanging over our country right now. I’m an optimist. I do believe in the youth, and I believe that we’re going to get through all of these things, and I think that the institutions of the U.S. government tend to work. We see them work with the press, and with the legislative and the judicial branches of government.”

As usual, his facts are skewed. All over the south are straight white, black, and brown men and women (yes, remember us, moron) who voted for a smart businessman who has grown and learned from his mistakes. He is flawed like us, but willing to listen to the real people living in a real world with real values. I pray that clarity of thought will show you the world you are trying to create for your child.

Well, this confirms it! Clooney is incapable of being either intelligent or relevant! He should stay out of politics because his opinions are not important nor “relevant” to anyone.

He does not need all these negative actions. I am really disappointed that George is being so outspoken. This is why he will pay big time for this stupidity for sure at least now he will learn a thing or two about the country where he lives in for years! Many Trump supporters will boycott him for sure!

Will you boycott Clooney’s movies?

Michelle M.

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