Coalition of Celebrities and Activists Just Pledged to Take On The NRA

On Friday, a new coalition of celebrities and activists, including Alyssa Milano, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Schumer, Alec Baldwin, Ashley Judd, Parkland High School student advocate David Hogg, and many others announced plans to take on the National Rifle Association and the politicians who accept money from the powerful gun lobby.

In an open letter to NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, members of the newly formed NoRA Initiative — pledge to reduce the NRA’s influence in American politics through a series of voter registration drives, nationwide art campaigns, demonstrations and boycotts.

“Your time signing checks in our blood is up,” the letter says. “We’re coming for your money. We’re coming for your puppets. And we’re going to win.”

Actress Alyssa Milano said the coalition was conceived on Feb. 15, the day after the Parkland shootings. She began reaching out to her circle of friends, many of whom are activists, to work together to combat gun violence and the influence of the NRA.

“It was a plea, ‘Can we please do something about this? We’re smart people. We can figure this out,” she said.

Because celebrities lecturing people about how wrong they are to have things like freedom and opinions has worked so well before. Luckily, Milano followers were not so happy about this.

A hundred of them…. Five or so million of US! Plus, we’ve got a Constitution behind us.

Yeah, this ain’t going nowhere… its easy for celebrities to go against the NRA in order to try and rip off our 2nd amendment when they have guns N bodyguards to protect them. Their actions might actually make the NRA’s membership numbers INCREASE! If only they would go after planned Parenthood with such zeal! How much blood is on their hands for supporting such evil?!

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Natalie D.

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