College Students Try Explaining Why Trump Doesn’t Deserve Nobel Prize. They Fail Miserably (Video)

Geir Lundestad, a former secretary of the Nobel committee no Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama, even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake.”

Because he didn’t do anything to deserve it. He got the award for making a few speeches.

But now when there is an active campaign for President Trump to win the Nobel prize after his success with North Korea the liberals think that he shouldn’t get the prize!

What is more interesting they can name even one reason why he shouldn’t get the prize!

Students at UC Santa Cruz were quick to shoot down the idea of President Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula. But did they think President Obama deserved his award? And if so, could they name a reason why?

Those meddling kids at Campus Reform decided to see what our best and brightest felt. Shockingly not shocking, the students were anti-Trump and pro-Obama. Even if they have no idea why Obama won his in the first place:

The Obama question was actually a trick question because there was no reason for the award. The committee gave it to him for things they HOPED he would accomplish.

Obama won a Nobel peace prize for keeping us at war in Afghanistan and being the first black president. Trump used diplomacy to force the North Korean leader, a crazed sociopath who murders and starves his own people and threatens war with South Korea every 6 months, to cross the 38th parallel to discuss a peace treaty for the first time since the Korean War ended in 1953. Tell me which is the true leader who deserves a Nobel peace prize, and who really needs to check their privilege (give ya a hint, it rhymes with Obummer).

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