Company Is Taking A Totally Different Approach, Says It Will NOT Pull Ads From Ingraham’s Show After David Hogg’s Boycott

Tweeting an article from a right-wing news site about Hogg’s college prospects, Ingraham appeared to make light of his rejections, saying it was “totally predictable given acceptance rates” that he was “Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA.” In the tweet, Ingraham also said Hogg whined about being rejected.

Now, this tweet caused a lot of controversies and Hogg responded just a few hours later, asking the Fox News host who her biggest advertisers were, adding the hashtag “#BoycottIngramAdverts.”

He also tweeted calling on his followers to boycott Ingraham’s advertisers. “Pick a number 1-12 contact the company next to that #,” he tweeted.

And it seems that his calls for Boycott worked but at least one company decided to stand with its values and keep their ads and showed their support for Ingraham and FOX News.

Unlike at least 15 other advertisers, Shakopee’s MyPillow company won’t be boycotting Laura Ingraham’s show after she taunted a Parkland, Florida, student who advocates for gun control.

Within days, major advertisers began dropping like flies. But MyPillow founder Mike Lindell took the opposite approach: He plans to stay firm behind Ingraham. The MyPillow account tweeted:

Lindell is a conservative, born-again Christian and strong supporter of President Donald Trump. In fact, he spent the weekend at Mar-a-Lago with the president,

Laura will be fine, she will find new sponsors. And Hogg will be enrolling at the local community college.

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Alex Hall

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