ESPN TV Host Ignores Network’s New Policy… She Said The Most stupid Thing About President Trump On Live TV!

We finally have a President that the world respects! But, it is so sad when you are more appreciated in a foreign country than in your own.

Katherine Beth Nolan is an American sports personality, comedian, and television host on ESPN. She jokingly called President Trump a “f—— stupid person” this week on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero” late night comedy show.

Nolan is not the first ESPN employee to criticize Trump. Jemele Hill called him a white supremacist on Twitter, which led to the president calling for her to be fired.

Via New York Post:

Nolan, who recently joined ESPN, made an appearance on Viceland’s popular “Desus and Mero” late-night show Wednesday, and called Donald Trump a “f—ing stupid person.” ESPN recently amended its social media guidelines, with a focus on employees avoiding politics.

While discussing whether a thumbs up has become a racist symbol, Desus said it was “because Trump always does this (thumbs up) with his thing,” and Nolan’s first response was actually bleeped out, even though Viceland allows cursing on the show.

“That’s because he’s a [bleep],” Nolan said. “Back it up. Back it up. That’s because he is a f—ing stupid person.”

I’ve really am running out of words to describe how bad our president and his family are treated by the Dems and the MSM. It’s a damn disgrace these pos so-called reporters are such evil left wing hack jobs. The bad part is their rating has gone up with every turn Trump makes.

But when it comes to their pervert journalist they lake the courage to report the truth!

I believe that this is a liberal propaganda but I am afraid that can even come true with all these trash talks going around!

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