EU Country Prime Minister: ‘Illegal Immigration Is a Threat to European Civilisation’

Throughout all of history—countries and kingdoms guarded their borders against invaders! How in modern times could the permanently destructive mistake of open borders be made!?

Europe paid the price for open borders but it’s good to see that some European Countries leaders started to wake up!

From Breitbart:

Andrej Babiš, a Slovak-origin populist and billionaire tycoon sometimes described as the ‘Czech Trump’, told national television: “We do not want to live here in Africa or the Middle East. We have to stop [immigration from these places].”

“We have 1.5 million illegal migrants here. Our return policy is bad,” added the ANO leader, referring to the EU’s weak record on returning bogus asylum seekers, including the aforementioned Iraqi in Chemnitz, and killers like Anis Amri, who should not have been in Germany at all when he drove a stolen lorry into a packed Christmas market, having lied about his nationality, used multiple false identities, and been scheduled for deportation but was not detained while it was arranged.

“If they want to have more Islamic State supporters in France, the Netherlands or Belgium than they have now, that’s up to them,” he said.

He was very clear that the Czech Republic, like Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, would continue to defy the EU’s attempts to redistribute migrants arriving in the EU under a compulsory quota system.

“We have lost four years foolishly debating quotas. In short, the message being sent is that Europe is open and that we have to care for everyone who comes illegally and will disperse them amongst us,” he explained in a separate interview, accusing migrants of “asylum shopping”.

Babiš, like Italian deputy prime minister, interior minister, and League leader Matteo Salvini, believes promoting strong borders is the correct solution to the migrant crisis, and wants the EU to help stabilize Libya and come to Turkey-style deals with that country, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt so they stop migrants at their own external borders.

This is not surprising! Europeans are following America’s lead and electing “Strong Men” like we did with President Trump to deal with illegals!
Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Italy, and Romania ALL have conservative nationalist leaders who are now building border walls and fences to keep illegals out of their countries! They have had up to a 98% drop in illegal immigration since the started building walls, especially Hungary!

Americans this should be a warning to all of us to Build The Wall! We are either like Germany or the U.K. and will be overrun with dangerous illegals and drug gangs or will we be like Hungary or Czechoslovakia and stop 98% of this? Vote this November for Republicans to support Trump and build The Wall!! MAGA!

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Alex Hall

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