Exclusive Photos Of Trump’s New Presidential Limousine Called ‘The Beast

President Donald Trump may be close to taking a delivery of a new car: the heavily armored Cadillac sedan known as “The Beast.”

A disguised version of the new model was seen testing on public roads in southeast Michigan, hinting that it may be ready for its official debut.

Prototypes of the Cadillac-branded state car wrapped in black and white camouflage (to hide their details from photographers) have been spotted being tested on public roads,
When Donald Trump took office last year, he also grabbed the keys to a car. A very old car.

From Fox News:

The latest presidential limousine fleet debuted on Barack Obama’s first Inauguration Day in 2009. That had many observers expecting Trump to be presented on his with a new version of the so-called “Beast,” which his predecessor described as “a Caddy, basically on a tank frame.”

One was in the works as Trump made his first trip to the White House as president, it just wasn’t ready yet. But Fox News has exclusively learned that its unveiling is just around the corner.

We’ve completed our task and we’ve handed over the vehicle to the customer,” Cadillac President Johann de Nysschen told Fox News. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Secret Service added that “the program to build and deploy the next generation of Presidential limousines is on track and on schedule — both in terms of vendor production and internal Secret Service post production requirements. The public can expect to see the new vehicles put into operational use late summer of this year.”

“The public can expect to see the new vehicles put into operational use late summer of this year”

– U.S. Secret Service

Here are the new and exclusive photos:


The new presidential limousine was photographed on public roads near GM’s proving grounds in Michigan last fall. (KGP Photography)
Photo from Cas and Driver

The Beast is traditionally designed from the ground up by the US Secret Service, and there are usually multiple copies put in rotation, housed in the basement of Secret Service headquarters, and kept under 24-hour surveillance, AutoWeek previously reported.

Because of heavy armoring throughout, and most likely a host of top-secret protection and counter-assault equipment, these cars are as heavy as a tank and get less than 5 mpg.

The new one is likely to ride on a medium or heavy truck platform produced by General Motors. By some estimates, it will be fitted to the same chassis found on some Chevrolet or GMC haulers — the kinds of vehicles you would typically see as large moving trucks, for example.

Well, excelent President deserves excelent car!
Do you think that this will be the best Presidential limo so far?

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