An FA-18 Super Hornet breaks the sound barrier over a crowded Jones Beach, New York it is the headline for the youtube video!

The title of this video is a little misleading, as this FA-18 actually did not break the sound barrier. Instead, the pilot is pushing the plane, which is certainly capable of going supersonic, just to the edge of the sound barrier.

A sonic boom has two booms, one when the front breaks through and the second when the back breaks through, this is transonic and vapor cone pass because of the moisture, not a supersonic pass.

Pilots aren’t allowed to go supersonic anywhere near public areas, especially that close, the glass would be shattered and you’d have a serious hearing problem especially if you don’t have earplugs, it’s really cool though especially when you know that it’s not even close to its max speed.

What you’re seeing, instead, is the FA-18 going transonic, meaning it’s within a couple of prefect of the speed of sound, fast enough that it creates the tell-tale vapor cone around the craft and certainly sounds insanely loud as it screams by, but the noise you’re hearing is simply the exhaust from the jet engines doing their thing!

In the United States, you have to go 200 miles offshore to go supersonic.

But still, this video is awesome and shows just how powerful are our air crafts!

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Michelle M.

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