Father Of Teen Killed By Illegal Alien Rips Oakland Mayor For Sanctuary City Policy (VIDEO)

On Friday, Jamiel Shaw Sr., the father of Jamiel Jr., was shot to death on March 2, 2008, by an illegal alien brought into the country from Mexico as a child, appeared on “Fox & Friends” where he recounted the events that led up to his son’s killing. During the interview, he said that the Democratic Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf who warned a group of wanted illegals aliens about an impending federal raid, “allowed Americans to be murdered.”

Shaw said: “You know, it was just disgusting. Her job is to protect the citizens, the American citizens, you know. And for her to take a stand like that, she’s allowing Americans to be murdered.”

“She has blood on her hands because she could have easily just let them go into the jail system and capture those criminals, but she allowed them to come out and then for people to be murdered and raped and robbed and identity theft,” Shaw concluded. “That’s all on her and people like her.”

He also noted that he — and other parents of kids killed by illegal immigrants — believes that Schaaf should be prosecuted for “aiding and abetting and … putting our lives in danger.”

“Right now, you’re hearing everybody demanding to be safe in their schools and their communities,” he said. “When our kids are murdered, and we demand to be safe, we’re all racists and bigots, and because Trump supports us, we’re all bad people.”

“The guy who killed my son was on his third gun charge!” he exclaimed. “But they don’t care if illegal aliens carry guns and kill our kids.”

Shaff needs to hear this. She is choosing illegal aliens over Legal residence that elected her. At least she should do is resign.

Every time I listen Jamiel Shaw Sr talking about the loss of his son I can feel his pain. It is a sad commentary that Democrats could care less about his loss and put illegals ahead of his son.

Shaw is right! Oakland Mayor Schaaf does have blood on her hands! She betrayed her country by her action and words. She put American lives at risk.. especially the lives of our law enforcement agencies.

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Natalie D.

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