Federal Judge Orlando Garcia of San Antonio Ruled That Texas Violated The National Voter Registration Act

Orlando Luis Garcia (born 1952) is the Chief United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and former Texas state legislator.

Well, today he has ruled in favor of civil rights groups who accused Texas of violating a national voter registration law.

He ruled that Texas violated the National Voter Registration Act when it failed to register residents to vote when they updated their drivers’ license information, The Texas Tribune reported on a newly released court order Tuesday.

The federal law requires states give residents the chance to register to vote while applying for or renewing driver licenses.

A voter registration lawsuit, filed in 2016 against the Texas Department of Public Safety and secretary of state, accused the state of disenfranchising thousands of voters.

The suit also accused Texas of violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution by treating people who registered for a driver’s license online differently than those who registered in person.

It wasn’t immediately clear how Garcia will direct the state to comply with the law; Garcia indicated he will provide more details in the next two weeks. But the Texas Civil Rights Project, which represents several Texas voters in the case, said the state would “soon be forced” to change its voter registration policies — and possibly introduce its first mechanism for online voter registration.

“For too long, the state of Texas has ignored federal voting rights laws intended to ensure that all eligible voters have an opportunity to register to vote,” said Beth Stevens, voting rights director at the Texas Civil Rights Project. “We look forward to seeing deep changes in [the Texas Department of Public Safety’s] voter registration practices in the coming months, affecting well over a million Texans every year.”

Last February, Garcia sanctioned Texas for dragging its feet on the case, citing a months-long delay in turning over thousands of pages of documents related to the lawsuit. The state attorney general’s office’s delays, he wrote, have been “disruptive, time-consuming, cost consuming” and burdened the plaintiffs. The state was ordered to pay some of the plaintiffs’ legal fees.

This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune.

Another attempt made by the Democrats to get more votes in the red state of Texas but it will never happen!

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