BREAKING! Prominent Democrat Caught Red Handed – Arrested on 3 Felony Charges

Looks like the Democrat party is IMPLODING!! And, I think the swamp may drain itself.

A Florida mayor was removed from office after she was arrested and charged with three felony corruption charges.

Gov. Rick Scott suspended Joy Cooper, the mayor of Hallandale Beach, after she was accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions through her former attorney Alan Koslow.

Cooper surrendered to authorities on Thursday following an undercover FBI investigation. She was charged with money laundering, official misconduct and exceeding campaign contribution limits.

Court documents reveal that Koslow was given a Dunkin’ Donuts bag filled with $8,000 in cash by undercover agents August 2012. He allegedly told undercover agents he had influence with the city commission and “had the vote of the mayor.”

Agents reportedly met with Cooper and Koslow several times in 2012 and secretly recorded the meetings. Cooper was recorded saying she and two other commissioners were a “team of three” and could ensure a favorable result for their project, the Sun Sentenial reported.

In addition to the felony charges, Cooper was also charged with soliciting contributions in a government building, a first-degree misdemeanor with a one-year maximum sentence.

Cooper, a Democrat, has been the city’s mayor since 2005. Larry Davis, her attorney, said she plans to plead not guilty.

The felony charges carry maximum prison sentences of five years.

It is amazing when the real truth starts being made public… This is just another example of a politician who will sway and reverse their talking points to suit their agenda. It’s whatever will get them ahead in their own mind. The Democrats are so fake.

Who’s next under the bus, it’s getting crowded under there, maybe Schumer, Pelosi? They will all go into damage control now that the elections are getting closer and they want to distance themselves from the bad apples, the only problem is it’s hard to separate you from yourself. They are all in on this.

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Alex Hall

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