Former Democratic Governor Allegedly Threatened Life Of Russian Prostitute – Listen To The Audio

A Russian escort who once dated Eliot Spitzer now claims the former governor threatened to kill her in a expletive-laden phone call, sources said.

Svetlana Travis Zakharova and her lawyer, Joseph Murray, took an audio of the alleged phone call to NYPD detectives on Friday, claiming it shows Spitzer making the threats, law enforcement sources said.

Zakharova alleges that the phone call took place in February 2016, shortly after the incident at The Plaza.

“You never helped me, you ruined my life,” Zakharova said.

That set off the man — who Zakharova insisted is Spitzer — on a tirade.

“You f–king bitch! You piece of sh-t. And then you f–king destroyed my life!” the man exploded.

“You know what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to be f–king dead.”

He continued: “You’re going to die a slow painful death and your family is going to look at you and laugh because you’re a f–king bitch.”

The NYPD is currently investigating the tape, according to police officials who spoke with the New York Daily News.

Listen to the audio below. Strong language warning:

If that is Spitzer on the recording, he could be in a bit of trouble.

Alex Hall

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