“Global Warming” Up To 16 Inches Of Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert – Here Are The Photos!

We can say that Paris Climate deal was a money grab for the rest of the world, to further diminish the United States’ wealth… or just another way for the American taxpayer to cough up $4.7 Billion Per Year.

It turns out that the government has been manipulating climate computer models. This means that the American taxpayers are being charged $4.7 billion a year in taxes that are being used to fund organizations that carry out meaningless studies based on bad science.

Another proof that President Trump did the right decision by leaving the Paris Climate deal just surfaced!

Up to 16 inches of snow has fallen on a town in the Sahara desert after a freak winter storm hit the area on Sunday.

This is the third time in 37 years that the town of Ain Sefra in Algeria has seen snow cover the red sand dunes of the desert.

Snow started falling in the early hours of Sunday morning and it quickly began settling on the sand.

Last winter Sahara experienced the first snowfall in nearly 40 years.

The snow has caused chaos in the town known as the Gateway to the Desert, with buses stranded on icy roads, while children have taken advantage of the flurry, building a snowman and sledding down dunes.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler promoted climate change, as well as universal healthcare? Yep, he also approved of an educational platform eerily similar to Common Core. These are the games that tyrants and fascists promote personal gain.

Global warming/climate change is possibly the biggest hoax the world has ever known. More and more credible scientists keep coming forward exposing the lies of the leftist movement.

Alex Hall

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