Hannity Drops A Bombshell About Sequence of Emails That Prove Brennan Is Lying About Dossier (Video)

My opinion is that Brennan was working against Trump, on the orders of Obama. He is in a panic because his security clearance was canceled, and he will not know what is going on, and can no longer do Obama’s dirty work.

Brennan didn’t hide his unsatisfaction about President Trump’s decision to revoke his security clearance earlier this week.

He claims he only became aware of Hillary’s phony Russia dossier in December of 2016 because it was in the news.

On Monday night Hannity dropped this bomb on John Brennan.

Sean Hannity: I know I’m just a talk-show host and we don’t do investigative reporting but we’ve beaten everybody, everybody as it relates to this story. By the way, that was targeted at people who know who they are. I just want to say, isn’t there an email chain that might prove this point?

Sara Carter: There’s actually a series of emails that people want to obtain. That is why Congress, this is why Judicial Watch and others are suing for Brennan’s communications as well as Comey’s.

Sean Hannity: And they may actually prove that he did do this and he lying about the Reid stuff? Is that what your birdies were telling you because that’s what my birdies are telling me?

Video below:

Continued clearance after leaving service is a courtesy, not a guarantee. If someone abused it, courtesy will be revolved. Brennan did the WRONG thing when you tried to undermine the WILL of the American People in a presidential election. No former director has acted in your vindictive spiteful manner. There are punishments for that. I pray this is just the beginning.

Alex Hall

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