Hilarious!!! Lindsey Graham Calls For A Vote On The ‘Green New Deal,’ But Not Because He Supports It

The new Dem party is a threat to America’s existence. They want to take more money, our guns, and our rights. They want to make America a socialist country.

Watching the SOTUA, I saw that Pelosi did not stand for much of anything that protects our safety and well-being, gave hand gestures to the white dressed people. They all are the opposition to America’s continued prosperity, they want to control us by standing with illegals coming into our country!

Their laws are just insane and don’t let me get started on the new green bill!

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham wants Congress to put the “Green New Deal” resolution to a vote to show Americans “what kind of solutions far-left Democrats are offering to deal with climate change.”

“Let’s vote on the Green New Deal!” Graham, a Republican, tweeted Friday. “Americans deserve to see what kind of solutions far-left Democrats are offering to deal with climate change.”

Graham knows the Green New Deal would never pass Congress. In fact, Democrats aren’t united behind the bill, which moderates fear will alienate key bases of their support, including unions.

Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls cosponsored the resolution, and it’s largely been seen as a litmus test for candidates seeking the Democratic nomination. However, House Democratic leadership panned the bill and Republicans see it as a boon to their re-election prospects.

“Every Republican in the country should get on their hands and knees and thank Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Andy Surabian, a former White House official, told Axios.

Graham’s comments reflect that optimism. Republicans cast the bill as “socialist” because of its unprecedented expansion of government control.

Hillary got lucky getting out of coal country alive after telling the miners she was going to put them out of work.
I think if AOC and Ed Markey went down to middle Texas telling them they were going to shut down the oil fields, I think they would end up meeting Jimmy Hoffa in person!

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