Hollywood Disrespect Our Troops, So Denzel Washington Shuts Them Up With Five Brutal Words

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington said it’s up to the American people to “ask questions about each other and engage” as a way to improve race relations in the country because the U.S. president cannot “legislate love.”

Hollywood often seems to be one giant “echo chamber” of stale ideas. It can be very easy to dismiss every well-known actor as a liberal shill — but once in a while, an A-list name says something surprisingly wise.

That’s exactly what Denzel Washington did not long ago. The Academy Award winner was cornered by a reporter at a press event but he refused to parrot the expected liberal talking points.

Actor Denzel Washington criticized the mainstream media, claiming they have become more interested in being the first to report something than in actually reporting the truth.

We all know that Denzel is different from his colleagues, most of can’t forget the disgusting attacks made by the whiny Hollywood celebrities to the fallen soldiers and Veterans as well as our troops!

In an interview, Denzel gave Hollywood a reality check after many of them have been comparing their lives of fame to the lives of soldiers and war veterans.

He said:


The video below:

Although the exchange between Washington and the reporter occurred several months ago, the message communicated by the actor is still extremely relevant.

Unlike so many in Tinseltown, Washington has apparently realized that bloviating about political candidates or foreign policy is not the job of an actor.

Denzel’s humble approach of admitting that he’s not a policy expert and needs to be more informed before commenting on every issue is incredibly refreshing — and so is his answer to Obama and race.

Washington challenging the liberal media is big because it indicates a fracture in the relationship the media have with celebrities.

Political figures or big state solutions won’t solve the country’s issues. Individual Americans, however, are the ones who can move the country forward … and it looks like at least one Hollywood figure finally sees this fact.
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