Ivanka Posts Photos of Family Fishing Trip — Anti-Trump Crowd Launch Vicious Attack For This Sick Reason!

I see the Confederate Flag as a reminder of our history and the ones who gave their lives for the Civil War on both the North and the Southside. Sadly, the Democrats are attempting to erase their contribution to history by blaming others for it and destroying the historical record. This is why they are pushing the false narrative that people who live in the South are racist and hate Confederate flag.

But just because somebody likes our flag does not mean that they are racist.

First daughter Ivanka Trump and her family traveled to Florida this week for a winter fishing trip. But, not even a family vacation could pause the political attacks against her.

Via IJR:

Ivanka shared some photos of her husband, Jared Kushner, and son enjoying some quality father-son time on the water — but critics were focused on something in the background.

Do you see it?

Not that it has anything to do with the family’s photos, but some saw the Confederate flag in the background and claimed — without evidence — that they were trying to send a hidden message.

Oh! Look!!!! Chemtrails in the sky! She is signaling the secret world domination group she supports them! WAIT!!! LOOK!!!! There is water! A secret sign that she supports fishing in protected waters! Ohhhhhhhhh how EVIL! But wait!! There’s more!!! The boat is not solar powered but…uses fossil fuel! Another secret sign she supports big oil companies… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It’s too much to bear! Let’s run to our safe places!!!

Liberals ALWAYS see something nefarious, because that’s exactly what they would do given the same circumstances. The loony left/Trump haters will find fault with anything associated with the Trump family. They totally ignored the real faults with their high priest Mr. Obama and his family.

I am so proud to see the picture with a Confederate flag alongside the American flag in the background. It shows so much respect for the millions that lost their lives in the Civil War. All lives matter.

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