James Woods Shows No Mercy… He Humiliates Democrats With A Terrific Statements

In Hollywood, outspoken conservative actors are a rare breed, and unless you’re an iconic legendary actor and directors like a Clint Eastwood, or an acclaimed Academy Award winner like a Jon Voight, there’s likelihood that the rabid left might not be able to inflict too much damage to your career, however if you’re someone like conservative actor James Woods, (a solid seasoned performer), your career might take a hit.

However, he is not afraid to speak the truth! In fact, he has been quite vocal with his criticism of Democrats in general!

And today, James Woods unleashed on the Democrats again, after they showed their true colors during President Trump’s SOTU address.

He then posted another tweet in which he said: “Joe was drooling and you were chomping your dentures. Trump rolled over both of you like political roadkill.”

And the CBS poll showing a stunning 75% approval of Trump’s speech:

Ia a response t Hillary Clinton’s question: If Republicans put so much faith in Hand of God, why do they need guns?, Woods reply: “Same reason the #ClintonFoundation needs outside accountants.”

Let me ask Hillary… If Hillary hates guns so much… Why does her security team carry them?

He then asked why Democrats hate so much this country, because of the way they reacted to President Trump’s SOTU address.

He pointed the real truth:

And this one is EPIC!

James Woods nails it again! I love him. He has never been what you would call mellow. He has always been a firebrand personality who walks to the beat of his own drum corp. I am glad he is turning his great mind to our side.

The Left needs to be slapped down, and who better to do it than Woods? He knows Hollywood like every inch of his glorious naked body, to paraphrase Rush Limbaugh.

Just imagine how awesome the world would be if there were more conservative people in Hollywood. We would have a voice. Keep on tweeting James, you have much love and support out here.

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Natalie D.

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