Judge Ellis Loses His Temper With Mueller’s Prosecutors And Ends Court Early!

Again… Mueller’s tactics are destroying our justice system and thus destroying our Constitutional Republic. What is his scope of investigation??

But, it looks like Mueller has been told by his masters to drag this investigation out for the entirety of Trump’s time in office. Results never mattered, it is about casting a shadow over his administration. So, instead of ending this charade, Mueller’s prosecutors fixed their investigation on Manafort’s expensive lifestyle instead offering some evidence of collusion.

Luckily, Judge Ellis sees right through it all. So, on Wednesday, Judge Ellis blasted Mueller’s lawyers after they went into detail about Manafort’s spending habits, whining about his expensive suits and how he paid for them via wire transfer–as if that’s somehow illegal.

And on Thursday afternoon Mueller’s prosecutors made the same mistake again. This is why judge T.S. Ellis lost his temper with Mueller’s prosecutors and ended court early.

And this was the “crack team” of experienced lawyers, run by the “bipartisan” and highly praised professional Mueller.

Via Law and Crime: “The last witness called to the stand was J. Philip Ayliff, a certified public accountant (CPA) at Paul Manafort’s long-serving tax-preparation agency, Kositzka, Wicks and Co. (KWC), of Richmond, Virginia. As time inched along during the last witness’s testimony, nothing of particular interest seemed to be occurring at all.

Ayliff was mostly providing foundational testimony regarding the basic functions of a tax-preparation company. Prosecutors then moved on to specifics and attempted to “publish” one of Manafort’s e-file forms. Judge T.S. Ellis III‘s weariness all but amazed the courtroom as he denied the request–complete with an actual and pronounced finger-wag–before shouting:

“No! You move it along!”
Composing themselves again, the prosecution moved slowly forward before asking Ayliff to define the term “financial interest.” Ayliff began to answer the question but was immediately cut off by Ellis who noted that Ayliff was not a noticed expert. The defense then belatedly objected, prompting a quick and sarcastic dressing-down from the judge–but it was again the prosecution’s turn for scorn.

Static filled the courtroom as the longest bench conference of the day ensued. Upon returning to Ayliff’s testimony, the jury learned that the issue had been deferred until Friday–if ever. Then, Assistant U.S. Attorney Uzo Asonye asked about another term of art contained on federal tax forms.

Judge Ellis, who was already standing by this point, advised Ayliff to wait and announced the court would recess early.

After the jury left, Judge Ellis explained to the press what was discussed during the bench conference.

That is, not only was Ayliff not an expert and not a noticed expert as necessitated by the Federal Rules of Evidence–but his testimony had the potential to derail an already-agreed-upon definition of the term(s) in question. This, Ellis said, could have “confused or clouded” things for the jury.”

Thank you, judge. Obviously a man of honor. The judge clearly sees this is a political, malicious prosecution considering that Rosenstein has already cleared him for those crimes when they originally took place. This is a joke… Mueller is a joke but the people are not laughing. End this nonsense and end it now!

And for all this time we were worried that this guy might be a threat. He can’t litigate his way out of a wet paper bag, it would appear… Mueller’s Clinton Foundation attorneys are just making things up. Disgusting that the Democrats have this going on. The Dems should call a stop to this and quit wasting our tax dollars. They have no evidence.

Do you agree? Let’s share this and expose this huge witch hunt!

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Natalie D.

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