Judge Takes Extraordinary Step In Court After Convict Won’t Stop Yelling (VIDEO)

Some people have no respect for the law nor do they fear the consequences as would be normal. Luckily, one judge used a perfect and inexpensive solution after a convicted robber yelled multiple times during his court trial!

Via Q13 Fox News: “A judge ordered a convicted robber’s mouth taped shut during his sentencing in Cleveland court Tuesday.

During the sentencing for 32-year-old Franklyn Williams, convicted for three armed robberies, Judge John Russo ordered him to be silent multiple times.

Video shot inside the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court shows Williams apparently complaining about his attorneys before Judge Russo replies, “Mr. Williams, I’m the judge in the matter, shut your mouth and I will tell you when you can talk.”

After Williams continued to speak out, interrupting the judge and even his own attorneys, Judge Russo ordered officers to shut his mouth with tape.

Six deputies stood around Williams as one applied the red tape. When Williams continued to speak, the judge instructed deputies to put another piece of tape over his mouth.

Eventually, Judge Russo sentenced Williams to 24 years in prison.

In December, Williams was convicted on counts of aggravated robbery, kidnapping, theft, misuse of credit cards and having weapons under a disability, according to court documents.

His trial began late last year, but hit a snag when he cut his ankle bracelet.

Williams fled to Nebraska, where he claimed he was hit over the head and lost his memory. In court on Tuesday, prosecutors played Williams’ phone calls with family to prove he remembered. They also found information on his phone that indicated he researched how to beat criminal charges.”

Judge John Russo explained his decision to shut Mr. Williams mouth.

“I will say knowing Mr. Williams due to my handling of his four cases, Mr. Williams was someone who liked to speak. To speak and interrupt. When lawyers were talking, witnesses were talking. More importantly when I was talking,” Judge John Russo said.

He added: “Everybody has the right to go on the record with my court reporter. But we can’t do it at the same time or yell over each other. My intent was never to silence Mr. Williams.”

You know it is not going to go well for you when you bring the judge to this level. Mr. Williams disrupted the courtroom and disobey the court procedure. He was told he’d have his chance to talk later but wouldn’t listen.

If the judge said shut up…then shut up.

But, was this the only way for the judge to silence Mr. Williams?

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Natalie D.

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