Judical Watch Reveals: FBI And Anti-Trump Agent Strzok Covered-Up Evidence That Hillary’s Server Was Hacked (VIDEO)

If we had an equal justice system, a long list of people would be prosecuted to include most of the DOJ/FBI. I think talking to or working with the FBI/DOJ is a waste of time.

Luckily, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch are doing the job Jeff Sessions is supposed to be doing.

In a weekly update, Tom Fitton revealed that the Judicial Watch contacted the FBI in 2016 with information their investigators uncovered that suggest the Russians compromised Hillary Clinton’s private server. He also added that Judicial Watch uncovered evidence Hillary’s private server was compromised by Russian hackers and when they contacted the FBI, Peter Strzok was the special agent who passed it off to his ‘underlings’–and after Judicial Watch sat down for a four-hour meeting with FBI agents, they never did anything with the evidence given to them.

“Judicial Watch went to the FBI in 2016 with information that we’d uncovered that suggested that the Russians had compromised Hillary Clinton’s server… But the FBI never did anything with that information.”

“We went to the FBI, our guy met with them for four hours. The meeting was initially set up through, guess who? Peter Strzok,” Fitton revealed. “Now, Strzok wasn’t at the meeting interestingly even though he set up the meeting–he sent two of his underlings there and they never did anything with that information,” Fitton said.

Tom Fitton also said that they gave the FBI such a huge volume of documents and evidence one week before Comey’s infamous July 2016 press conference where he exonerated Hillary, that there is no way the FBI could have reviewed it all in that time frame.

The reason for Mueller’s investigation, which was founded on a fraudulent dossier, was to divert attention away from the real crimes committed during the election. Crimes that would’ve been covered-up if she had won. Crimes that if investigated would implicate the most powerful Democrats today. If would cripple the DNC and shake their liberal institutions to the core. That’s unacceptable.

It is past time to put this corrupt FBI official in an orange jumpsuit!

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