Karma! NFL Anthem Kneeler Protested Police Brutality-Gets Arrested For Brutalizing A Woman!

What a good example for our society. Knell and disrespect our National Anthem, but lets beat our women and children. Reminds me of the METOO hypocrites.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested Sunday for allegedly committing domestic violence and having illegal weapons.

TMZ reported the following:

According to the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department … Foster was arrested Sunday morning after cops responded to a welfare check and possible disturbance call. They say the 49ers star was arrested without incident. He was booked on three separate charges — domestic violence, threats and possession of an assault weapon. No further details were immediately available.
Well, this isn’t good for anybody involved. Foster also infamously took a knee to protest the police, and now he’s been accused of harming a woman.

It’s pretty hard to reconcile how he can be so against the police, and has now been arrested on very serious charges. The 49ers likely don’t have a choice here. They have to cut him. He had previously been arrested over weed, which isn’t a big deal in the eyes of the NFL or the fans. However, the league is trying to clean up its image, and allowing men who allegedly beat women won’t be tolerated. The Ray Rice incident forced the NFL to aggressively pursue change when it comes to dealing with players arrested for charges related to violence against women.

I’ll be shocked if Foster is on the team much longer. Getting caught with some drugs is probably going to get you a fine. Getting arrested for allegedly beating a woman is likely going to get you shown the exit door, as it should.

Hypocrites… ALL OF THEM .. their standards of others do not apply to them. How it is with racist rich athletes that have the mental capacity to think on their own … followers for anyone wanting to lead.

Who stopped watching the NFL because of the protests and criminal rap sheets some of the players have?

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