Leftist Demand Black Women Be Awarded For Their Help of Roy Moore’s Defeat

It amazes me that any black person in America would support a Democrat. They are the party of the KKK segregation and white’s only water fountains. More so they are the party of killing black babies and still black people support them. Leftist Demand Black Women Be Awarded For Their Help in Roy Moore’s Defeat

But, on Tuesday night, Democrat Doug Jones’s victory over Roy Moore in Alabama – handed Democrats a rare win in the Republican South. And almost immediately, leftists and social justice warriors started demanding that black women be paid money and given arbitrary positions of power as a reward for them helping Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore.

Black female voters were key to Doug Jones defeating Roy Moore. They made up 18 percent of the vote and approximately 97 percent of their vote went to Doug Jones – compared with 65 percent of white women (who made up 30 percent of voters) opting for Roy Moore in yesterday’s Alabama Senate special election.

This urged ‘Black Women’ demand that white people shut up and hand over money to African-Americans simply because they voted for the candidate of their choice. Yes…we just can’t make this stuff up even if we want to!!! Black Women in ALABAMA are demanding that white people pay them for voting for an opponent of the candidate that the majority of white voters were voting for.

And…giving people jobs to reward them for voting the way you want – isn’t there a word for that?

Via Info Wars: Writer Austin Channing tweeted: “Thank black women by supporting black women. Pay us. Vote with us. Hire us. Read our writing. Fund our projects and ministries. Vote us into office. Purchase from our businesses. Amplify us. Stand against racism and sexism.”

Journalist Torraine Walker said that since black women ‘saved the day’ in Alabama, it was time to “start demanding a return on that investment”.

Another user wrote: ““Just keep your mouth shut & pay black women.”

And a lot more:

This is PATHETIC! Always wanting and expecting something for free. Should we write a check for them waking up in the morning too? Hiring a people just because of skin color is against the law!

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Natalie D.

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