Watch: Man Attempts Gasoline Prank in a Detroit Ghetto and it Goes HORRIBLY Wrong (Video)

This is exactly why the black community gets a bad name and find it hard to overcome this stereotype, they just prove to us every time that the stereotype is true! I’m not saying all blacks are this way because I know a lot of hard-working and contributing black members of society, and they are great people, but more of them are acting this way…

Cameras rolled as a man walked into two crowded metro Detroit businesses earlier this week with a can of gasoline and then doused himself in liquid while screaming.

Watch the video below!

Turns out, it was just a prank. But not everyone found it funny, WXYZ reported.

A patron of a pizza shop where one of the pranks was pulled is seen on camera pulling out a gun and pointing it at the man.

The videos were posted on a local comedian’s social media pages. In response to a report by a local media station, Eastside Ivo posted on his Facebook page, “To everyone who is offended by me posting these videos. I apologize! Pranks like this are done all the time never meant to scare anyone.”

Only in Detroit: Barred windows Pizzeria, Gasoline prank, gangsta saving the day waving a gun at the guy’s face, everyone around laughing about it.

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