Man Who Thought The President Wouldn’t Be A “Good Republican” Reveals What Made Him Jump On The Trump Train! (VIDEO)

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, liberals were desperately trying to portray him as racist and bully, and a president who is dividing our country. Really gets annoying how the lame stream media thinks if they keep hammering the same false narrative, eventually we’ll give up and believe them. But, they are so wrong!!

Once you get past the twisted and deceitful media the truth emerges.

Speaking with Fox News, a man who once thought that Trump wouldn’t be a “good Republican” revealed that now he might just get his 2020 vote.

The man admitted: “I was worried he wouldn’t be a good Republican and, honestly, he’s changed my mind a lot.”

The man specifically said that Trump Supreme Court pick and tax cuts are one of the best things our president has done so far.

“The best thing he’s done in my opinion is the tax cuts and the Supreme Court pick, and if he keeps doing a good job, I will — so I didn’t vote for anybody in this very last election, but this time around I probably will vote for him.”

Speaking about Trump’s Judge Kavanaugh pick the man said: “I agree with him. I think we need to make America strong again. We need to make America great again. And I like most of what I heard, so you know, coming from a guy that didn’t like him to like him now, I think that’s a step up, right?”

Good for you young man! Thanks for seeing & speaking the truth! America needs more thinkers! And it is only just begun! People are waking up to the demonic left, “walk away” movement is off the charts.

Politicians make a lot of promises when they are vying for your vote, but when they win the election they forget about those promises or make excuses why they can’t follow through. But, president Trump is different. I doubt that anyone could name a president that has kept their campaign promises the way President Trump has in his first two years.

Because of this reason, I think that the very quiet minority feels like this guy, but the media and lunatic vocal libs cause them to not want to come out as a Trump supporter. The votes will show though…

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Natalie D.

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