Mattis To Bolton: ‘I Heard You Were The Devil Incarnate – I Wanted To Meet You’ (Video)

Hiring someone who wants to MAKE America Great Again and work with the President to do so is what we’ve needed during the first Month of POTUS government. But, it is better late than never!

President Trump’s incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, reportedly plans to oust dozens of White House officials perceived to be disloyal to the president from the National Security Council.

Via The Daily Caller: “Sources told Foreign Policy that Bolton’s planned purge will start with Obama administration holdovers and eventually broaden to include leakers and those disloyal to the president.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” a former White House official told Foreign Policy.

Another official issued a warning to former Obama officials — “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.”

But the purge reportedly won’t stop with former Obama appointees. A source told Foreign Policy that Bolton intends to “remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in.”

Today The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, welcomed the new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, to the Pentagon.

Mattis welcomed Bolton and thanked him for the visit and while the pair were walking into the Pentagon. As the two powerful military men were entering the building a camera picked up an off mic moment. Mattis told Bolton, “I heard you’re actually the devil incarnate and I wanted to meet you,” Mattis joked.

Bolton laughed.

It is about time to rid of the holdovers and start prosecuting the Deep State traitors and the leakers. Enough is enough! Think how far ahead we’d be if we didn’t have to deal with this dossier nonsense! We would have a better omnibus bill and we’d have the wall!

Do you trust Bolton will finally get rid of leakers and untrustworthy Obama holdovers?

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