BUSTED! Maxine Waters Caught Defrauding Americans Out Of $1.2 Billion

BuzzFeed declared that Maxine Waters is “the newest hero of the anti-Trump Internet,” while MSNBC announces she is an “icon of the Trump resistance.”

Despite 13 terms in Congress, Waters only recently gained a national profile, after vowing to obstruct President Trump and promising to impeach him, even though Waters’ pal Nancy Pelosi conceded that Trump has committed no impeachable offenses.

Today Maxine Waters has introduced a bill designed to defraud Americans of another $1.2 billion. But the money isn’t for the impoverished and underserved community she represents.

Judicial Watch provides the details:

Called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Outreach for the Uninsured, Transformative Recruitment, and Enrollment Action for Compassionate Healthcare (ACA OUTREACH) Act, Waters bill is cosponsored by 36 other lawmakers. If it passes, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would dole out $300 million annually through 2021 for “navigator” grants. Minority and underserved communities would be especially targeted, according to language in the bill’s text.

Translation: a return to the fraud and corruption of the original Obamacare navigator program that served as a conduit for funneling tens of millions of dollars to leftist front groups including ones headed by and serving illegal aliens.

Judicial Watch provided details on some of the recipients of your tax dollars:

An Arizona nonprofit called “Campesinos Sin Fronteras” that provides services to farm workers and low-income Hispanics
A south Florida legal group that provided navigators in “racially, ethnically, linguistically, culturally and socioeconomically diverse” communities
Three Planned Parenthood branches—in Iowa, Montana and New Hampshire—got a combined $655,000 to serve as navigators.
An Arab Community Center in Michigan, which got nearly $300,000 to reach out to and engage uninsured community members through “multicultural” media.
A Black Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina received north of $230,000 to “provide outreach around new coverage options”
A Hispanic aging group in Texas got over $646,000 help members that are “socially isolated due to cultural and linguistic differences.”
A labor front group called Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York headed by an illegal immigrant activist named Maria Marroquin. The group received navigator funds shortly after Marroquin, an illegal alien from Peru, had been arrested for participating in disruptive demonstrations protesting the deportation of fellow undocumented immigrants and demanding amnesty.
These navigators were given access to the sensitive personal information of healthcare enrollees including their Social Security numbers, which illegal aliens use for identity theft when seeking to establish residency and land jobs in the U.S.

Navigator funds also went to a nonprofit (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), with such a huge history of corruption that Congress issued a federal funding ban. As part of a broader investigation into ACORN Judicial Watch obtained records showing that HHS violated the congressional ACORN funding ban by awarding a Louisiana nonprofit called Southern United Neighborhoods (SUN) a $1.3 million Obamacare navigator grant.

Trump had funding for ACA OUTREACH slashed by 90%, which put a severe crimp in Maxine’s cash flow threatening her power base.

Waters is desperate to regain access to that lost money to keep her coalition fed and $1.2 billion spread over four years would make up for it in spades and revitalize these leftist organizations to new levels.

Maxine Waters herself would be a huge swath of the swamp being drained – she should have been flushed a long time ago.

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Alex Hall

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