WATCH: Migrant Cuts in Line, Calls Woman a ‘W*ore’ – He Messed With the WRONG CUSTOMER (VIDEO)

A Muslim migrant, the kind that liberals want to bring to America in droves, walked to the front of the line at a fast food counter and cut in front of a woman, telling her to “shut up, you f***ing whore” and starting his order. However, he suddenly realized that some women aren’t politically correct liberal snowflakes, and she quickly showed him who’s boss.

“Shut up!” the migrant orders, invoking his racist nature by claiming, “I urinate on people like you.”

“Go back,” the woman boldly responds. “Go back to your damned country. It’s me who lives here!”

As soon as the vendor backs the female customer by telling the migrant to go to the back of the line, the woman repeats the order, boldly screaming in his face and refusing to stand down. She even grabs him by the collar and shoves him backward, At this point, the cowardly migrant realizes that she’s not one of the leftist apologists he’s used to intimidating into getting his way.

He told the woman to “shut up, you f***ing whore” before trying to order, but this woman makes it crystal clear she’s not going to let him stomp all over her and tells him to get lost and go back to his own country

Well, there are still some in Europe who refuse to bend the knee of political correctness.

There are still some who won’t tolerate guests, many of them UNINVITED, behaving in such an obnoxious way.

Like this Swedish woman who was having NONE of this Muslim punk’s mouth:

And these are the people liberals want to bring into this country, so we end up exactly like Europe — overrun with fear. Hillary Clinton, with her “dream” of open borders, would have made America really looks a lot like Sweden’s.

So maybe it’s time for liberals to wake up and accept Trump’s immigration policies! Do you agree?

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