Mike Huckabee Shares His Simple Solution To Shut Down Liberals Who Shout at Him In A Public Place (VIDEO)

This weekend a popular Houston Tex-Mex restaurant served dinner to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling it an “honor” on Facebook. In response, left-leaning Houstonians called for a boycott, and the restaurant received so much criticism on social media that it deleted all its accounts.

Speaking about this incident, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said: “I don’t think the left even understands the irony of what they’re doing. They say they’re against fascism but they’re practicing a form of fascism by trying to shut down a viewpoint that they don’t agree with.”

“And not just shut down a viewpoint, but shut down anyone who has a commercial enterprise in which they do what they are supposed to do, which is be in business.”

“Maybe we ought to start putting a letter in the window of restaurants — ‘R’ or ‘L’, right or left — and then maybe just have one that says ‘A,’ all, everybody can come here.

“I think that what has to happen is that restaurants and businesses and people need to start pushing back on this very vocal but very un-American minority who thinks that it’s their responsibility to shut down people’s businesses because they don’t like who went into that business in a public place.

“This is really outrageous.”

Asked whether he had been asked to leave places, Huckabee said yes, but just because “they didn’t like what I ordered.”

He also shared one simple solution for these sorts of incidents.

“When someone comes up to me in a public place and they get in my face and they tell me I’m the biggest idiot they’ve ever seen, and I’m horrible, and they go through the whole litany of things.

“I just look at them, I let them finish, I smile at them and I say, ‘You know, funny you should say that — my wife says that same thing to me almost every day.”

Great answer. I can just see them, sputtering, stammering, slobbering, perhaps, and then turning around and running, as fast as their bullying legs will carry them.

But, I still think that the best answer to this liberal behavior is Boycott! BOYCOTT them OUT of business, otherwise, this will never end.

Do you agree?
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Natalie D.

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