More Winning! Pro-Trump Singer Joy Villa Will Run For Congress (Video)

Remember when singer Joy Villa made a political statement while stepping out on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammy Awards!
Well, that statement brought her enormous fame and number one spot on the U.S. tune charts!
Villa was born in Orange, California. Her father Rev. Joseph Villa was of Italian and Argentine descent, while her mother Mildred Angela Pierce Villa was African American, and verified, Choctaw Native American ancestry.

But that doesn’t stop her from supporting President Trump so liberals can stop playing the racist card!

It’s good to hear that she want to try herself in politics!

From Fox Insider:

Wednesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” Villa announced that she is launching an exploratory committee to look into a possible run in Florida.

“I’m looking everywhere from Jacksonville all the way down to Miami,” Villa said, declaring that it’s time to get lawmakers in Congress who will actually get things done.

“We need to put new people in, we need to vote fresh blood in, and we really need to make America great again with people who are going to work for the aims of the president, not lobbyists, not Washington elitists,” Villa said.

As for how her conservative politics will go over in the liberal-leaning entertainment industry, Villa said she’s an independent woman and an independent artist.

“I know Hollywood’s not going to like me. They already don’t like me. That’s fine,” she said. “I’m hoping to just appeal to the American people and really to get this swamp out of here and get good people who care about America back in Congress. And I think Florida deserves good representation.”

When Villa first announced her interest in politics, she received a tweet of support from President Trump:

Villa revealed that she recently attended a Christmas party at the White House, and she received encouragement from first daughter Ivanka Trump.

“She said, ‘I really want you to run. We need more strong women to back up what America needs,'” Villa said. “So it’s looking good. This congressional possibility is looking more and more like a reality. And I’m proud to dive into it. (Video below)

So would you vote for her if she runs for Congress?

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